Sheila Ilzhoefer
300hr Certified

What is the meaning of life? Sheila searched for answers to that question from an early age on. She was searching for it on her many travels all over the world and on the dancefloors of Berlin until she found herself on a yoga mat in the Jivamukti Berlin center. Over time, she felt less identification with the physical form, social roles and thoughts, but a raised sense of connection that underlies everything.

Through the Jivamukti Yoga method, Sheila found a sense of meaning through living life being compassionate, tolerant and open towards all beings and Mother Nature herself while navigating through life with a sense of curiosity, ease and playfulness.

Sheila completed a 250hrs Power Yoga teacher training in 2018, followed by the 75hrs Spiritual Warrior training with Moritz Ulrich and Niklas Noack in Berlin. In 2020, she completed her 300hrs JYTT 2020 with Olga Oskorbina and Camilla Veen and is forever grateful for all the teachings she received..