Sonia Monteiro
300hr Certified

Sonia is a Yoga teacher since 2000. She used to do rhythmic gymnastics when she was young, competing nationally and internationally. Teaching has always been her passion, and to help others. She took a degree in physical education, and a mastery in high performance training. She loves to dance and to travel. She likes to try different culinary styles, and cooking, vegetarian since 1998 and vegan since 2017. Owner of a yoga studio: FreeFlow Yoga, and a vegan restaurant: Soul Food Porto. As a practitioner she tried a lot of different types of yoga, and found her first guru in the study of vedanta, Paulo Abreu Vieira. The first Jivamukti Yoga experience was in Greece, and then in Barcelona with Olga Oskorbina, received the inspiration to become a certified teacher of this method. The JYTT Salento online course was the best opportunity to make her dream come true.