Tanya Veselcic
300hr Certified

Tanya’s passion for yoga and teaching is undeniable. Since first discovering yoga Tanya has never turned back. She has allowed the positive impacts of the practice to filter into all areas of her life and seeks to share these experiences with her students by creating a space that unifies the body, breath, mind and soul. With a background in dance and a personal yoga practice spanning 9+ years Tanya has a thorough understanding of the physical body and how to safely move it through space. You will feel calm and at ease in her classes as she guides you through asanas (postures) focused on grounding, releasing tension, building strength, quieting the mind and connecting to the breath. With a passion for music and creativity, expect to be immersed in lush soundscapes, awakening beats and unique flows as she guides you through a practice with supportive hands-on assists. Tanya started teaching yoga for nothing more than love and hopes that you too can experience the transformation that a regular yoga practice can have on your life, both on and off the mat.