Terhi Palminen
advanced Certified

Terhi had been practicing and teaching yoga for a long time before finding Jivamukti. It was love at first asana. Jivamukti Yoga fascinates her by its multidimensional nature, combining physical and mental sides of it, and also how yoga extends to all areas of life. She graduated as a Jivamukti teacher in Costa Rica in 2015 and received an Advanced Certification in 2019. As a teacher Terhi is consistent, clear and encouraging. Every yogi is different in the starting point and it is important to learn to hear the messages of one’s body and mind. Teaching situations are always mutual, a good teacher is always learning new things. Terhi´s training progressively continues by regularly attending workshops and immersions. In everyday life she continues practicing, reading, discussing and looking for insights. Terhi has had the pleasure of working with brilliant and encouraging teachers; she’s forever grateful for them.