Tone Haugland
advanced Certified

Tone teaches yoga at Jivamukti Yoga Stavanger. She is a mother of three, a kindergarten teacher and an accountant, and currently teaches yoga full time. She grew up playing the piano and was a tenor horn soloist in both the school band and an amateur band winning both National and European championships. Tone loves to read books and listen to music, and as a child never cared much about athletics. Late teens changed that when she started working at a gym as an instructor, and over the years teaching a lot of different group exercise classes with always new trends to follow. She was one of the first in Norway to teach yoga at a gym, which then was looked upon as new, rare and pretty crazy. At a Nike Convention she took classes with Cat Alip Douglas and knew she had come home. She found Atha Yoga, an affiliated Jivamukti studio in her home town, now Jivamukti Yoga Stavanger, and took classes there. She wanted to take the JYTT for her students at the gym, and started to teach at the yoga studio after TT. Tone loves to dive into the teachings all the way. She loves being a student. She also loves to teach what she learns. Finding Jivamukti was like everything in her life coming together. This was it. A new beginning. Tone is a mentor in the JTAP – APPRENTICE PROGRAM –  at Jivamukti Yoga Stavanger. Forever grateful for Sharon Gannon and David Life for creating the Jivamukti method and for being so inspirational and ground breaking»