Ulrike Hertneck
75hr Certified

In 2007 I was seeking for a way of physical exercise setting my mind at ease. I went to Sri Lanka for Ayurveda. During this stay I started to practice Yoga. Back home I began my Yoga Career. In 2018 I finished my first Yoga Teacher Training at JaiJaiMa, Stuttgart. It was a fantastic time getting familiar with Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra and other interesting aspects of yoga philosophy. After this teacher training I spent a lot of time attending different yoga sessions. This was the time when I decided to register for 75-HRS-Teacher-Training at Jivamukti Munich. I appreciate very much that Jivamukti Yoga attaches great importance to chanting, to FOTM, to animal and environmental protection. In addition, I love the Jivamukti flows with clear instructions how to apply Ujjayi pranayma.