Viola Julie Schatzschneider
300hr Certified
United Kingdom

“Trust in life and you will see” is Viola’s mantra inspired by Mooji. This mantra is about letting go of the control in our lives and trusting in a higher force. During her classes, Viola inspires her students with this life philosophy and helps them to create space on the mat for this conscious awareness. Viola engages her students with their selves and helps them to connect mind and body by focusing on the important relationship between movement and breath. Her classes are challenging both physically and anatomically, flowing into original sequences that are heartfeltly taught. Viola’s classes are also characterised by thoughtful hands-on assists, upbeat music and a soothing voice that guides you through a blissful savasana. With over 10 years on the yoga mat and four years of teaching experience, Viola was first trained as a Vinyasa teacher and further developed her teachings of yoga, and became a Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher and also a Yin-Yoga teacher.