Yohanna Mannelqvist
300hr Certified

Yohanna was raised in Sweden but lived many years in London, working within the fashion industry. Her quick lifestyle and the pursuit of perfectionism eventually lead to burnout and she became sleep deprived, underweight, anxious and overworked. It became clear to her that happiness doesn’t come from having a “perfect life” and dropped her fashion career to embark on a soul-searching journey around the world. Yoga was an important part of her recovery and has now become a way of life. The Jivamukti Teacher Training was a life-changing experience, where she could dive deep into the ancient roots of yoga and advance her teaching skills. She is now a 500H Yoga Teacher and IIN Health Coach and lives in-between Tulum, Sweden and London. She teaches yoga in Tulum during the winter & spring and hosts retreats and workshops in Europe during the summer & fall. Her mission is to guide ambitious souls to a life in balance and true to their deepest authentic self.