Yvi Deim
800hr Certified
Bavaria (Bayern),

Yvi first stepped into a yoga class at the Jivamukti Yoga School in Munich in 2014. She knew that was it from first moment onwards… especially the asana practice, her passion for the music and kirtan, the love for animals and the holistic approach in yoga drew her to immerse deeper into her yoga practice. One thing she gained from her constant practice since then is the understanding that everybody and everything is interconnected, from the smallest molecules to the highest mountains and that there shines an inner light in each one of us. She likes to share her experience of life as a joyful dance of interconnectedness with all beings, and her strong belief that nothing in life happens randomly, especially not her first yoga class. After the Jivamukti Teacher Training 2019 in India she completed the 800 hr apprenticeship with her beloved friend and mentor Nadine Weerts in Munich and is now teaching public and private classes in Munich. She thanks her teachers Nadine and Petros Haffenrichter as well as all other teachers she met so far in her life.