Mantra Magazine: July (Print Issue):

July 01, 2018

Yoga Without the Class | Nine Ways to Practice Yoga + Self-Care Everyday  By Sharon Gannon  

Thrive Global: Adapted from the Magic Ten and Beyond

June 22, 2018

YOGA IS A SANSKRIT WORD that means “to yoke or reconnect.” The goal of yoga is Yoga—to remember one’s connection to God—the Supreme Source, eternal happiness itself. Yoga teaches that within each living being there is an eternal soul, the atman. The practices enable us to reconnect to the atman and to understand that our …

PETA Prime: ‘The Magic Ten and Beyond’ Will Transform Your Life

June 19, 2018

by Paula Moore According to Sharon Gannon, cofounder (along with David Life) of Jivamukti Yoga, “Magic happens when there is a shift in perception .” The practices in her new book, The Magic Ten and Beyond, are designed to help make that shift happen—and help readers begin each day feeling kinder, calmer, and more joyful.

Main Street Vegan Show Notes, June 13, 2018: Sharon Gannon + Nimai Delgado

June 13, 2018

Nimai Delgado decided to begin training in 2015 for his first natural bodybuilding contest on an all plant-based diet after learning more about the animal injustices and health risks associated with the dairy industry. He won the entire show and placed first in all divisions. Although he has only been in the bodybuilding world for three …

Publishers Weekly: The Magic Ten and Beyond

June 09, 2018

This eclectic book from Gannon (Simple Recipes for Joy), dancer, musician, and cofounder of the Jivamukti Yoga Method, presents a spiritually uplifting 10-week program of practices inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphs. After beginning with a short chapter on mental exercises such as giving blessings, Gannon introduces the core physical practices of her program: meditation, breathing (pranayama), …

The Mindfulword Online: Dance for Joy

June 05, 2018

The earliest archeological evidence for early dance has been found in two places: India and Egypt. In ancient Egypt, dance was a part of life, played an important role in the lives of all social classes and was performed both publicly and privately as a way to express, through music and movement, a connection to …


January 03, 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE HUNDREDS OF GLOBAL YOGA PRACTITIONERS MEET IN NEW YORK CITY FOR THE 2018 JIVAMUKTI® WORLD TRIBE GATHERING – JANUARY 5-10, 2018 Presenters include Jivamukti Yoga® Co-founder David Life, acclaimed musician Wah! and more than 15 top international yoga teachers and performers. NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 3, 2018 – The 2018 Jivamukti® …